Warranty Service

Warranty period: Within 12 months of purchase  

Service type: To send to store for repair

Contact: service@hochuen.com


Note: Please kindly understand that the product failure is not applicable to the scope of this service for the use of products other than general household purposes (such as business purposes, or outdoor use and display, etc.)


The followings do not belong to the scope of three guarantees policy.

1. Exceeding the validity period of three guarantees policy. 

2. No three guarantees certificate and valid invoice, except that the goods can be proved within the validity period of three guarantees.  

3. The contents on the certificate of the three guarantees are inconsistent with the physical identification of the commodity or altered. 

4. The damage caused by failure to use and maintain according to the instructions. 

5. The damage caused by disassembly by the repairman who is not responsible for three guarantees. 

6. Damages caused by force majeure. 

7. Machine damaged by improper use of the users. (e.g. falling, squeezing, liquid injection, etc.)

8. Failure caused by using non-Samsung original watch band.  

* If there is any changes to the above list, it is subject to the relevant regulations newly formulated by the company or the relevant laws and regulations updated by the state.

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